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May 23

PBSO’s Carol Verdigi Defrauded Dead Deputy out of $67K, Possibly Engaged in Embezzlement

Carol Verdigi, the Events Coordinator at the Palm Beach County sheriff’s Office, is no stranger to allegations of theft, backstabbing and unethical business practices. Her county-issued purchasing cards always had questionable spending, she is currently under investigation by the State Ethics Commission for her role in using her authority at the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s, …

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Oct 08

How PBC State Attorney Aronberg shanked Sheriff Bradshaw, Supporters in the back – the Back Story of Dirty Politics

Most of you have read all about Palm Beach County State Attorney Dave Aronberg’s (D) check caper in the Palm Beach Post. You have also read about the emails to the entire “A” list of democratic voters from the web site, “BurtAaronson.com” telling them not to vote for the ”Corrupt Sheriff Bradshaw.” There is, however, …

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Oct 04

Deputy Engle’s Patrol Car Stolen by Suspect

Deputy Ingriv Engles Stolen Police car2 20131003-2

This is why you don’t leave your patrol car running and unlocked. This patrol car was assigned to D/S I. Engle (#7450). At about two am, it was left running at a scene when the suspect jumped in it and took a little joy ride. While fleeing from the cops, the suspect crashed it into …

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May 15

Sheriff Bradshaw Rataliation of Employees whom Dont Agree

If there is any doubt that Sheriff Bradshaw is one of the most underhanded Sheriffs that ever graced the halls of the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, one doesn’t need to look any further than the GossipExtra.com expose by Jose Lambiet where he uncovered the Lt. Dan Burrows caper in where PBSO Lt. Dan Burrows …

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Mar 30

Sheriff Bradshaw allows Druggie SWAT Boss Dan Burrows to Return to PBSO!

By Jose Lambiet – Despite an impassioned plea by the widow of a fellow deputy ripped off by him on his death bed, a former Palm Beach County Sheriff’s SWAT commander has returned to active duty after months of legal troubles and an Internal Affairs investigation. For more information, please see the Police Report and …

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Mar 21

What Sheriff Bradshaw will do to Promote Corruption and Hinder Speech

Internal Affairs Lt. Dean Johnson was arrested today. He was arrested for leaking to the media that Sheriff Ric Bradshaw was trying to cover up the fact Bradshaw’s friend, Lt. Dan Burrows, was stealing pain medications from a dying man, leaving him to die a painful death.  I’m assuming here that when Lt. Dean Johnson …

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Nov 29

Sheriff Bradshaw violates due process, puts citizens in danger

  To see what deputies are saying about this, please visit our PBSO web discussion forum at www.PBSOTalk.com. The Belle Glade Punisher is back, but this article does not focus on the actions of Brent Raban; instead, it focuses on the actions of Sheriff Ric Bradshaw  and his failure to lead, resulting in Raban’s possible …

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Nov 14

Sheriff Bradshaw Wielding the Color of Law to Kill Speech

Sheriff Bradshaw parodies as Hitler while his second in command, Chief Deputy Michael Gauger, is parodied as Moussolini.

Sheriff Bradshaw Wielding the Color of Law to Kill Speech Sheriff Bradshaw is engaging on a criminal expedition in an effort to silence PBSOTalk.com. We’ve known all along what is taking place. In fact, I know more and what I know will shock you. I’m not ready to release it just yet, however. I will …

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Jun 11

Sheriff Bradshaw Investigated for his Hatred of Blacks

Once again, Sheriff Bradshaw is being sued for his total contempt for black employees. It would be different if the Sheriff at least made an effort to mask his racial hatred because we all have opinions, but he doesn’t. He lets his racial bias affect how he governs his agency and treats employees that aren’t …

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Jun 03

Why PBSO Needs Seth Adams Shooting to have Independent Investigation

I start off with a disclaimer – I have known Sgt. Mike Custer for about ten years and have always thought him to be a good guy and I think he was a fantastic trainer; one of the best the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office had. Though it’s been years since I’ve talked to him, …

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Mar 25

Sheriff Bradshaw Marketing Violates Criminal and Election Law

I was getting a bunch of hits for from Google where people would type in PBSO Talk News and get to my page. Interestingly enough, I realized someone had bought the domain pbsotalknews.com and put a bunch of pro-news articles about Sheriff Bradshaw on the site in an attempt to get their searches higher than …

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Dec 08

PBSO Colonel Joe Bradshaw photographed having an On Duty Affair

Here are the photos from Col. Joe Bradshaw’s On-Duty Affair. These photographs are from a Private Investigator that was paid to follow Joe Bradshaw. Yes they are old, but still, goes to show you the type of people running PBSO. Remember – Leopards never change their spots. Joe Bradshaw is now in charge of PBSO’s …

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Jun 10

Sheriff Bradshaw Crime Associates given Permission by FBI to Conduct Assassinations

Sheriff Bradshaw Crime Associates were given Permission by FBI to Conduct Assassinations. In April, PBSOTalk.com reported that Sheriff Bradshaw was taking very generous donors with ties to the Colombo Crime Family to dinner with tax payer money. These generous campaign contributions were reported on by the Palm Beach Post in 2008, as well as the …

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